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Meet Dr. Gulbadan K. Randhawa

Helping Patients Live Life to the Fullest

Some of my greatest joy comes from being able to help patients who are fearful of the dentist or embarrassed about their smile, and often times both. Working together, we overcome what is holding them back and allow them to live life to the fullest. In dentistry and in life, I believe in looking to the future and making the most of what one has.

As a teenager, I underwent extensive orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery to correct severely crowded and misaligned teeth. This experience had such an impact on all parts of my life that I decided I wanted to help others realize how life-changing a healthy smile can be. I’ve been practicing since 2004; dentistry has allowed me to achieve self-confidence and that has opened doors and made it possible to pursue opportunities I might otherwise not have.

I love interacting with people. Our patients become part of my extended family and it’s a privilege to be part of so many lives. I love seeing the excitement and joy in a patient as they hit major milestones, whether that’s starting Kindergarten, graduating from college, getting married, or welcoming a new child. I share in each patient’s happiness.

The Highland Dental Center Team

Our team members are like family. We genuinely care about each other and our patients. Each is compassionate, gentle, and truly works to help every patient have their best experience possible. They make our patients laugh and make coming to the dentist a fun and enjoyable thing!

Education and Continuing Education

I hold a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Western Ontario, in Canada. Since graduation, I’ve constantly pursued continuing dental education. I’m always looking for educational opportunities that allow me to provide patients with the most up-to-date and comprehensive care.

Personal Life

I grew up in Windsor in Ontario, Canada. I moved to Kenmore, WA, a couple years ago when I married my wonderful husband, Dr. Princy Rekhi. Seattle is the perfect place to pursue many of my interests, as I enjoy biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Dr. Rekhi and I have 2 young sons, Gagan and Preet, both who are just a ball of energy and whose smiles make every day perfect. They are the love of our lives and keep us busy and smiling 24/7. When I’m not in the office, I’m with the boys. I enjoy exploring the world with them and seeing things through their perspective. We enjoy traveling as a family, both nationally and internationally, especially exploring new cities and countries.

I am passionate about healthy eating and healthy living. I’m always interested in learning about the latest in holistic and naturopathic medicine. I love getting recipes from patients and exchanging healthcare tips with them. We often learn from each other.

I also like volunteering my time as a dentist. I especially enjoyed participating in a mission dentistry trip to El Salvador and am looking forward to future opportunities to help others.