Meet the Team at Highland Dental Center




Dental Assistant

Welcome to Highland Dental Center. I’m looking forward to meeting you and making sure you have great visits. I’ll seat you, make sure you’re comfortable, and prepare you to see the doctor while explaining what we’ll be doing. Working chairside, I’ll help the doctor while supporting you and at the end I’ll offer home care instructions. I also handle some lab and office work but my most important responsibility is making sure you’re happy while here.

I was born and raised in California. My fiancé and I will be married in the spring of 2017. I enjoy traveling, spending time in the sun, and value time with my family and loved ones.



Dental Assistant

Hello, I’m looking forward to helping you during visits. I am here to support you and will be by your side. If you’re anxious or fearful, I want to know about it: the more I understand what’s happening, the better I can make sure we meet your needs. I offer chairside assistance during dental procedures, helping the doctor and you. I also process X-rays, maintain records, and do office and laboratory work. I’m here to help, just let me know what you need!

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my spouse and beautiful daughter, along with family and friends. I love the outdoors, especially traveling and hiking, and like taking pictures and cooking.



Office Manager, Kirkland Location

Hi! I’ll meet you at Highland Dental Center in Kirkland, where I’ll help you get set up with the office. I’m looking forward to learning about you and your family, sharing stories and building a relationship. I’ll schedule visits, review your treatment plan and estimates, and set up finances. I’ll also handle your insurance and ensure you get the most from the benefits. I handle a variety of front office duties but am always available to answer questions and take care of any issues that arise.

My husband and I have been married for 30 years. We have two adult children who are the most important “project” of my life. I enjoy gardening, reading, and international travel in my leisure time. I also excel at trying new recipes. Family and friends are frequently lavished with homemade food!



Registered Dental Assistant

Hi and welcome! I’m a people-person and love connecting with people and building relationships. I want you to feel comfortable, have great visits, and feel good about coming to see us. Our doctors and team members offer painless, gentle dental care and want you to be smiling throughout visits. If you ever need anything, just ask! I work chairside, helping the doctor. My focus is always on you and I’ll keep you updated, comfortable, and make you my top priority.

I'm very close with my family, which includes my dad, two younger brothers, and my pet Corgi. I love pretty much anything that gets me outside in warm weather, like paddle boarding, rollerblading, and hiking. I also enjoy movies, bowling, and working out.



Office Manager

I look forward to welcoming you to Highland Dental Center. The best part of my work is our patients: I enjoy meeting new people and learning all about them and their family. We have such wonderful conversations and I’m always learning something new! I’ll greet you, check you in, and update your records. I’ll also verify your insurance, submit claims, and handle paperwork so you don’t stress. I’m always happy to answer questions, chat about the day, and do whatever I can to ensure you’re happy with your visits.

When I’m not working, I enjoy the company of my puppy, Dexter. I have a passion for the Seahawks and Mariners and watch all the games I can!





Dental Assistant

Hello! I’m so happy to help you during visits. I promise to do my best to put you at ease: our doctors and team members offer gentle care and they’ll really listen to your desires and concerns. Working together, we’ll help you achieve your best smile! I’ll make sure you’re comfortable in the chair, explain what will happen during your procedure, and sit at your side. While I help the doctor, I’ll keep you updated and check that you’re happy with everything.

I was born and raised in the Seattle area and can’t imagine living anywhere else. My free time revolves around my daughter, our dog Bella, and friends. I’m also a huge Seahawks fan!


Dental Assistant

Hello, I’m looking forward to getting to know you and learning about your family and life. It’s a great feeling to become friends with people while helping them develop a healthy smile they love! My favorite moments are when we help someone improve their smile and I see the person’s happiness when they compare their “before” and “after” photos! I know they’re going to feel better and more confident for a long time! I’ll help you during visits, sitting chairside and assisting the doctor. My attention will always be on you and your comfort.

On my days off, I really enjoy spending time with my family.


Office Manager

Welcome to Highland Dental Center! It’s my pleasure to ensure you have only positive interactions and experiences at our practice. We offer a warm, supportive environment and our doctors are patient and kind. They’ll take time to learn about your goals and make sure you understand your dental situation and treatment options. I oversee the office, making sure we’re running on time and providing you with the best care. What I love most about my work is simple: forming strong relationships and helping people achieve their healthiest smiles!